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6 Things I Have Learned in College (So Far)


1. Sleep is a very important thing.

In high school, you always wanted to stay up late and go out, but something that I have realized is that it is TOTALLY acceptable to be in bed by 8pm. No one will judge you, they will actually be jealous.

2. Taking Notes is A LOT harder than you think.

Some professors are pretty lenient with you not taking notes in their class, but other professors, that’s their whole class, NOTES!! Before you enter the big wide world of 150+ student classes, make sure you either can read your horrific handwriting or get really speedy at typing.

3. Don’t be a stranger.

Everyone is going through the same thing. Leaving the people that they have known their whole life and coming into a new world knowing no one. College is a new chapter in your life. When you walk into class on the first day, sit down and make small conversation with the person next to you before class starts.

Some questions to ask:

Where are you from?

What is your major?

What were you involved with in High School?

Do you like where you’re living?

Are you in a Sorority/Fraternity? Do you like it?

4. Talk to your professors.

They want you to succeed just as much as you want to. If you are having a problem or have questions, go up after class and talk to them or look up their office hours and sit down and visit. (the better relationship you have with your professor, normally the better grade). It is also a good idea to go introduce yourself to your professor on the first day, it is a good first impression and they can put a face to a name.


You are only in college once. Whether you like sports or not…GO! You will regret not tailgating with your friends, or taking a million cute pics with your game day dress on. You’re only there for 4 years, make the most of it.

6. Get involved.

This is the last time, for real fun, before you enter the scary world of being a real adult. Again, this is a new chapter, if you want to be a different person than you were in high school, do it. Do things that you would have never done before. Volunteer (my favorite is the humane society), join clubs, go the all the sporting events, try out for freshman follies, get involved in a church. Do everything.


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