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Our Take On Box Subscriptions

With so many choices out there it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose which subscription box you want. I’ve tried all of these for at least 6 months. Some I liked some I didn’t.

Here is my take on subscription boxes.

You Beauty Discovery Box: From the beginning I knew I would like this box. They let you pick out 2 items each month along with 3 extra items they get to pick. It’s by far the cheapest of the boxes which is why I stayed subscribed for so long. Would I subscribe again? Absolutely!

Packed Party Box: This isn’t a subscription box but I wanted to include it anyways. Their boxes are themed care packages! These themes include 4-5 full sized items in every box. Not only do they have fun and unique items, but they also include a letter pressed card stating what the party is, why it’s being sent, and they sign it with your name to make the package the perfect personalized gift! Would I send them again? DUH!

Fab Fit Fun Box: This box got my attention when I started seeing it all over the web on sponsored posts. You can upgrade for full sized beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products. This box is only shipped 4 times a year which was a nice surprise since I would typically forget about it until I got the shipping notifications. Would I subscribe again? Eh, maybe.

Box of Style: This is definitely the box that I’ve been most excited about. First off – I love everything Rachel Zoe so when I found out she was doing a subscription box I literally fell off of my chair. Her box includes fashion, beauty and lifestyle life size items. I say life size because it goes way beyond what you would expect. This box is by far the most expensive but it’s worth is 3 times the amount you pay. It only ships 4 times a year and if you sign up for a year at a time you save $$. Would I subscribe again? YASSS!

Glossy Box: This was my very first subscription box. I was excited to see all of the beauty and perfume samples they sent me each month. Most items are sample size – few are full size or a tad smaller. Most products I hadn’t heard of and ended up doing research on a few. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most products are high end that I hadn’t heard of but had great reviews in the beauty world. Would I subscribe again? Definitely.

Birchbox: I first heard about this box from a friend. It’s definitely come a long way since I first subscribed. They now offer gift sets and curated boxes along with their monthly box. Most items are sample size but they do include some full size items. Another plus is the fact that you can purchase the items that you really like directly from their website. Would I subscribe again? Doing so now.

Do you know of another box I should try? Leave it in the comments!


One thought on “Our Take On Box Subscriptions

  1. Try the Dermatore box. $25 a month ($100 worth of products each month), at least 3 full sized items and it focuses on hair and beauty products (very little make-up – more like facial creams and hair products). I’ve been highly impressed. Worth a try!

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