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26 Tips For 26 Years

  1. Living alone is a great luxury and worth investing in as soon as possible.
  2. If you can read, you can cook.
  3. Invest in quality furniture.
  4. Hour-long massages are the truth.
  5. Always keep a towel in your car.
  6. Start and keep a savings account.
  7. Make a grocery list before you go to the store.
  8. You can be any size and still enjoy fashion.
  9. You will make friends all your life.
  10. Start a journal.
  11. The secret to entertaining is easy: keep it easy and don’t worry about the cleanup.
  12. Always have cards on hand.
  13. Wash your face every night before bed.
  14. You teach people how to treat you.
  15. Dry shampoo will become your BFF.
  16. Call and visit your grandparents on a regular basis.
  17. Don’t waste time on toxic friendships.
  18. It’s better to have a few things you really love than tons of stuff you don’t care about.
  19. Be your own advocate.
  20. Start and stick with a skincare routine.
  21. Your instincts are there for a reason.
  22. Always have champagne in the house.
  23. Comparison is the death of happiness.
  24. You never regret that first kiss.
  25. Stop frying your skin in the tanning bed.
  26. There is an exercise routine out there that you will enjoy.

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