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The Importance Of Balance

Whether you’re a student, working mom or anything in between, one thing that everyone struggles with is bringing balance to your life. Not that I have the end all be all answers for you, bringing a sense of balance to my life has definitely become a priority for me. I’ve realized that it’s not about how fast you can finish the race but instead about finding the speed that works for you. Yes we want to be more productive, achieve more and become more successful, but now for me it’s about taking the time to actually enjoy it. For instance, although bringing Brinkley to the office isn’t the most productive thing for me to do, it brings my team and I so much happiness and joy, which in the end is more conducive for a work and life balance. So today, I want to share with you some tips and tricks that have personally worked to bring more balance into my life.

1. Working out / Meditating in the Morning: I used to prefer working out in the evening after I was done with all my work, but after my workout buddy moved away I had to switch up my schedule. I’ve been doing yoga on and off in the morning for the past year and I’ve seen a huge difference in my mindset and energy. It really sets the tone for the day. I like to alternate between pilates and yoga. I’ve also been meditating. Although meditation can sound intimidating, it all depends on how you look at it. It’s more so about what brings you a sense of peace. I know this might sound silly but when I meditate, I always envision who I want to become, where I want to be, and the steps I need to get there. When I don’t workout in the mornings I feel like I’ve forgotten something. I think it’s because it’s beyond the physical element of the workout, I miss the mental motivation that comes along with it. I know it sounds weird to tell yourself affirmations and imagining a bigger picture, but trust me; you’ll get the hang of it!

2. Podcasts: If you guys haven’t heard by now, podcasts are the new ‘it’ thing. If you think about how much time we spend in a car or if you’re on public transportation, you’ll realize that that time can be used for personal growth instead of just listening to your favorite songs on the radio. (Although I’m totally guilty of this too.) You can fill your brain with such amazing ideas, inspirations or new knowledge! So the next time you’re sitting in traffic I challenge you, instead of turning on your favorite song, try downloading a podcast. If you guys are curious, I can do a post on my favorite podcasts! Let me know in the comments!

3. Disconnect: In this day and age with social media, it’s important to disconnect from it all once in a while. At first it’s terrifying thinking about not being able to check your phone for a day, a few hours or even just one hour. But again, once you start you’ll get addicted to it! On the weekdays I shut out from 6-9pm. During these hours, my team can’t get in touch with me and my phone is left behind somewhere because this is my time for B and I. And it’s these hours that I look forward to every single day. It’s funny because I come home extremely exhausted every single day from work but right when it hits 6pm my energy comes back. I think it’s because I know this is my time to disconnect from the outside world and connect. This revitalizes me physically and mentally so I try to do this on the weekend as well!

4. Counselor: A counselor doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional therapist. This could be a confidante! Whether it’s your best friend, mom or even a coworker, it’s great to have people to talk to. As busy as you get, you want to make sure you spend time with these people every so often because at least for me, they’re the ones that keep me sane. For example, I usually catch up with my BFF Shaunna or my grandma while I’m driving home from work. They always laugh when I call because they know it’s because I’m stuck in traffic or running errands on my way home! So if I’m not listening to a podcast I use that time to catch up with them! We talk about everything from what we ate or the real life issues we are going through, career or our personal lives.

5. Staycation: I never really understood the concept of a stay-cation because it’s counter intuitive to drive to a random place to stay at when you can just drive home. I have been stay-cationing for the past 3 years and it’s the one thing that I look forward to every couple of months. I recommend doing a stay-cation because it takes the pressure off planning an entire vacation. When I plan a vacation, there are so many things I want to do and see. Whereas if you’re staying locally, it takes the pressure off of trying to do everything. You’re truly able to unwind and enjoy being there! I’m able to enjoy good food and relax. Unexpected and creative things can happen when you check out!

Although we are already in March, it’s still the beginning of 2016. I hope this post helps to shed some light on bringing more balance into your life. Personally I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect balanced life. To me balance is about what brings peace to you on a daily basis, so I hope this takes the pressure off of trying to have that perfect life and helps to remind you to just add more peace into your daily schedule!


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