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My Fav 5 Day Detox

Because we all have shitty food filled weekends.

A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to SUJA.

Thanks Holly!!

She posted on instagram about the cleanse she was about to start. I immediately texted her to hear all about it.

About an hour later I was on my way to the store.

I decided to do the 5 day Fresh Start Program. It completely blew any expectations I had, out the window.


I had done a few cleanses before but nothing compared to SUJA. Each day was filled with 6 delicious cold-pressured juices, that kept me full and filled with energy. I haven’t met a juice from SUJA I didn’t like so branch out and try some flavors you wouldn’t normally choose. Maybe even have a friend try it with you as part of your New Years Resolutions! (You’re still doing that right?!)

I find my juice at Whole Foods but you can also order them straight from their website. Check it out HERE!

What’s your favorite cleanse? Leave it in the comments!


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