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My 5 Step Sleep Routine

Going to bed can be a stressful thing for me, I often worry about the day and the tasks I haven’t completed.  It can sometimes be the time of the day that I dread and try to escape. However I think it can be a really important time to get things in order to make sure the next day runs as smoothly as possible. I have constructed a small list of five productive and relaxing things to do before you your head reaches the pillow for a good nights sleep.
1. CLEAN YOUR FACE: A simple task but one that can really make you feel refreshed and ready for your nights sleep.  Before I go to bed I tend to use heavier products because your skin heals during the night meaning if you put the extra effort the night before you can be greeted with amazing skin the next day. I like to use night oils, facial massage or a spot treatment to get the most out of my skincare before going to bed.
2. READ SOMETHING: Reading before going to sleep can really improve your sleeping pattern and helps to switch off to the events of that day. Reading doesn’t necessary have to be a book because some may not be too keen on snuggling down to a book, however magazines, blogs and any other form of literature can be a great way to unwind.
3. MAKE A LIST: Knowing exactly what needs to be done for tomorrow can be made a little easier by making a small list to get yourself organised. It gives you a little leap start for the upcoming day and lets you plan out anything that needs to be done the night before.
4. SWITCH THINGS OFF: I really need to pay more heed to this tip as I’m always stuck on my phone before going to sleep. This is such a bad habit to get into as it can really mess with your sleeping pattern and cause you to not feel sleepy anymore. If your job involves social media it can also be a way of getting yourself stressed when you are meant to be relaxing.
5. TRY AND FORGET ABOUT THINGS: If you have had a bad day try and put it behind you. Having a positive mindset and looking forward is so healthy for your mental health and wellbeing. Trying to forget about your woes for a few hours can be refreshing as we are always so stressed and worried. Before going to bed should be a golden hour where you can chill out and forget about things, even if it is only for a short period of time.

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