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3 Top Job-Hunting Tips for 20-Somethings

1. Delete eyebrow-raising online pics. Employers are likely to check out social media when researching prospective candidates, so your online presence on every account—whether that’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook—should be professional. That means no photos showing you drinking with friends on the beach or couple shots.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to delete those old spring break albums, at least make sure your privacy settings are at their tightest. That said, once something is on the internet, there are no guarantees that those “all in good fun” photos won’t surface somehow.

2. Create résumé “extensions.” If you want to stand out from the competition, listing your extracurricular activities on a piece of paper is no longer enough. For example, adding your Habitat for Humanity volunteer work to your résumé doesn’t bring the experience to life. Instead, post pictures of yourself working on the house on LinkedIn or brief videos of you working with other volunteers on YouTube. You can also add these as links within your résumé in Word, PDF format, or on a personal career website.

3. Play the job field. While it’s tempting to focus on one cool company you’re dying to get into, be strategic and interview with numerous companies at the same time.

This also means not accepting the first offer that comes along. In fact, juggling numerous opportunities is the best way to make you more appealing to hiring managers. Then you can be upfront about the fact that you have choices, because once a company has made you an offer, the last thing it wants is to see you walk out the door.


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