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3 Tips To Ace Your Interview

1. Kill the receptionist with kindness. That person probably has more pull in the office than you think. Being rude to your future bosses’ gatekeepers might burn bridges—and your chances at getting the gig.

2. Come armed with questions. The key to interviewing and landing a job is to interview the interviewer, after all, you’re on as much of a fact-finding mission as they are, so gather as many clues about the company’s culture and job expectations as possible. Strong questions also let the interviewer know how you think and how intellectual you are, think of it as a game of mental chess. They may not admit it, but they secretly want you to stump them.

3. Master the handshake. Here’s a hint: It shouldn’t be weak and clammy. Do not underestimate the importance of a firm, dry, eyeball-to-eyeball handshake. I hear from so many top executives that a less-than-stellar handshake makes them nuts.


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