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Marble Is Having A Moment

From counter tops to bookends, marble is one of those magical materials that never goes out of style. It’s versatile enough to work in both classic and contemporary spaces, and you can always trust that its smooth finish will add instant polish to a room. No longer reserved for luxurious bathrooms and English kitchens, a marble accent adds effortless style to everything it touches.

This classic material has leapt from the traditional counter top and become a wildly popular print showing up on everything from textiles to tech accessories, so don’t lose your marbles just yet, because this trend has lasting power.

Make a Splash with Marble

via H&M

If you’re craving marble textures in your bathroom, there’s no need to go through a tedious installation process anymore. The pattern has made its move from fancy bathroom counters and sinks to hand towels, soap dispensers, and even shower curtains.

Tech Fancy

via Studded Hearts

Trompe l’oeil marble cases give weight to laptops and iPhones, transforming these tech staples into stylish accessories. With the motif available on everything from notebooks to pencil cups, a desk is one of the easiest things to turn into a marbleized work of art.

Marble Murals

via Dwell

For the husband and wife duo behind Calico Wallpaper, marble takes on a new form through a gold-leafed mural in their Brooklyn brownstone. Less traditional than the soft white and grays of most prints, the light violet shade and iridescent quality of this paper pairs beautifully with neutrals, or maybe even a marble coffee table.

The use of marble in art, architecture, and design has seen a long life, but this material has definitely not had its last breath. While a marble counter top will always be a classic, the polished print has stepped out of its traditional shell and become one of the coolest and most coveted looks in contemporary design. A trend may not last forever, but we hope the marble madness never ends.


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