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City Guide: Hawaii

A few months ago I reached our to my friends that have moved to other parts of the country. Most of them have migrated to either coast but a few have found a new home in the heart of the country. Rather than write city guides based on my travels, I thought it might be fun to include some from my friends around the country. So every few weeks I get to share with you something that a dear friend has taken the time to share about his or her favorite places in their city. This post is written by my friend, Kelly Anne. I hope you enjoy!

Aloha life is the best life. With its care free atmosphere, fun adventures, constant sunshine…no wonder people call it paradise. The islands have so much to offer, from beautiful blue waters, amazing hikes, great food, and sights to see. I hope if you get a chance to visit, you take advantage of the great things that make the island life what it is.

1) Enjoy Hawaii’s trademark frozen treat: Shaved Ice

2) Go on a hike. There are so many amazing hikes in Hawaii. Usually you get a mix of jungle, river, climbing up water falls, and jumping off cliffs. And most of the time…MUD!  Island Hikes are nothing short of an adventure.


3) Snorkel, Paddle board, do something fun in the crystal clear water other than wade in the waves (which is also amazing fun).

4) Visit a local farmers market. Hawaiian produce is always so fresh and amazing. You won’t regret stopping through and experiencing some of the Hawaiian flavors.

5) Find a waterfall. People post about them all the time, and how to get to them. Whatever island you are on, find one that fits your personality best. Some are moderate and easy to access. Others are more difficult to get to, but worth the work. It is the best feeling to arrive at one, and take a swim right in the waterfall itself.

6) Take a Catamaran ride. This is a great way to soar over the waves off the coast. Be sure to choose a “Swim and Sail” tour, so you can have the chance to jump off the boat. Hopefully you get to experience sea life, like dolphins or turtles! If you happen to visit OAHU, Hawaii…Check out our friends over at @sailmanukai  They sail right out of the famous Waikiki beach! Website HERE

7) Experience a Luau. Fire, grass skits, great food. It’s a Hawaii must.

8) Get your squad together, have a beach day, swim in the waves, grab a smoothie, and get tan.

9) Swim with SHARKS. NO CAGE DIVING. We DARE you.

10) Find some”Mermaid” tide pools. Most of the Hawaii islands have tide pools you can swim in. A lot of people share online where to find them! Go explore and float in the pools!


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