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4 Ways To Make More Cash Money

1. Research your income bracket. Before you ever provide your salary expectations or accept a job offer, do your homework to make sure you’re not asking for too much or too little, you can do this by checking out sites like or These are the same services that employers use to determine your salary.

2. Speak up. The most important thing you can do as you’re climbing the career ladder is to learn how to advocate for yourself. Whether you want to ask for a raise or a promotion, or join a team on an important project. The more you practice or actually do these asks early on, the more comfortable you’ll get—and the more you’ll be able to earn for yourself over time. You’ll [advocate for yourself] numerous times in your career, so it’s best to get accustomed to it now.

3. Tout your accomplishments. If you want a raise or promotion, you need to show your boss why you deserve it. If you can assign a dollar value for how much the accomplishments on that list have earned or saved the company—even better. Numbers don’t lie.

4. Write yourself a “future” acceptance letter and salary offer. Focusing on [that dream offer] daily will help you attract what you want.


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