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New Obsession: Living Proof

I will admit to being a skin guru but I hardly talk about my hair products. Probably because I’m a secret hair snob. Seriously. I will spend so much on hair products. Way more than what I’ll spend on beauty masks. I just recently colored my hair for the first time in almost 2 years. So I had to… Continue reading New Obsession: Living Proof

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4 Ways To Make More Cash Money

1. Research your income bracket. Before you ever provide your salary expectations or accept a job offer, do your homework to make sure you’re not asking for too much or too little, you can do this by checking out sites like or These are the same services that employers use to determine your salary. 2. Speak up. The… Continue reading 4 Ways To Make More Cash Money

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Four Ways to Connect to Yourself

Take time each day to sit quietly, just with yourself. I think it’s crucial, especially if you’re living in an urban area, to take anywhere between one and 20 minutes to sit on your own, quiet your thoughts, and go within yourself. Do this twice a day if you can. It may seem like you’re… Continue reading Four Ways to Connect to Yourself

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7 Tips To Apply At Your Workplace

1. Steer clear of office gossip. This is especially sage advice during the first six months at a new job. Be quick to work hard, but slow to form alliances with co-workers. Watch and listen for how stakes fall politically—the last thing you need is to be aligned with someone who is on their way out. 2.… Continue reading 7 Tips To Apply At Your Workplace

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Coconut Cucumber Ginger Mojito

Everyone knows that dehydration is one of the biggest issues when it comes to drinking alcohol. Chugging water before you go to bed is helpful for staving off a hangover. But even better than that, is hydrating while you drink. Cucumber and coconut are as good as it gets when looking for natural hydration. Do… Continue reading Coconut Cucumber Ginger Mojito

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Marble Is Having A Moment

From counter tops to bookends, marble is one of those magical materials that never goes out of style. It’s versatile enough to work in both classic and contemporary spaces, and you can always trust that its smooth finish will add instant polish to a room. No longer reserved for luxurious bathrooms and English kitchens, a… Continue reading Marble Is Having A Moment