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4 Ways To Make More Cash Money

1. Research your income bracket. Before you ever provide your salary expectations or accept a job offer, do your homework to make sure you’re not asking for too much or too little, you can do this by checking out sites like or These are the same services that employers use to determine your salary. 2. Speak up. The… Continue reading 4 Ways To Make More Cash Money

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7 Tips To Apply At Your Workplace

1. Steer clear of office gossip. This is especially sage advice during the first six months at a new job. Be quick to work hard, but slow to form alliances with co-workers. Watch and listen for how stakes fall politically—the last thing you need is to be aligned with someone who is on their way out. 2.… Continue reading 7 Tips To Apply At Your Workplace

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7 Skill-Building Tips For 20-Somethings

1. Sell something. Even if you never go into selling full-time, holding a sales position at some point in your career can teach you valuable life lessons. We even suggest trying out a commission only job to get the full experience. It’s brutal to get rejected over and over, but you’ll learn to persevere—and you’ll figure out how… Continue reading 7 Skill-Building Tips For 20-Somethings

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3 Tips To Ace Your Interview

1. Kill the receptionist with kindness. That person probably has more pull in the office than you think. Being rude to your future bosses’ gatekeepers might burn bridges—and your chances at getting the gig. 2. Come armed with questions. The key to interviewing and landing a job is to interview the interviewer, after all, you’re on as much… Continue reading 3 Tips To Ace Your Interview

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3 Top Job-Hunting Tips for 20-Somethings

1. Delete eyebrow-raising online pics. Employers are likely to check out social media when researching prospective candidates, so your online presence on every account—whether that’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook—should be professional. That means no photos showing you drinking with friends on the beach or couple shots. If you can’t quite bring yourself to delete those old… Continue reading 3 Top Job-Hunting Tips for 20-Somethings

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6 Networking Tips for 20-Somethings

For many of us, our twenties can be a rich time for personal self-discovery—a period of willingness to take risks and even make a few mistakes along the way. But these years can also be some of the most formative for another important facet of life: your career. When you graduate, you may have an idea of what… Continue reading 6 Networking Tips for 20-Somethings

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7 Tips To Be An Awesome Young Manager

Gen Y is entering management positions decades earlier than those before them. And let me tell you, lack of experience and training in management is a dangerous combination. Management is a skill both inherent and developed. 1. Don’t learn by example. There’s no cookie-cutter style for managing people, and part of being a good manager is reading… Continue reading 7 Tips To Be An Awesome Young Manager