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How To Land Your Dream Internship

Landing a great internship in college can help you get your dream job when you graduate. Many majors are now requiring students to have a summer internship as part of a graduation requirement, so the pressure and competition is high. The process of narrowing down your top choices, and applying, are fairly similar for every… Continue reading How To Land Your Dream Internship

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Why We Love Campus Reps

We absolutely LOVE campus reps. Why? Two reasons. The networking & the perks. Let’s be honest. College is expensive and if you’re not one of those lucky few with a trust fund¬†then you’re probably looking for a fun (possibly resume-boosting) way to make some cash money. What is a campus representative? Campus representatives (also known¬†brand… Continue reading Why We Love Campus Reps

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6 Things I Have Learned in College (So Far)

1. Sleep is a very important thing. In high school, you always wanted to stay up late and go out, but something that I have realized is that it is TOTALLY acceptable to be in bed by 8pm. No one will judge you, they will actually be jealous. 2. Taking Notes is A LOT harder… Continue reading 6 Things I Have Learned in College (So Far)